Exploring the Latest in Configuration Center

There are 3 major changes related to the configuration center in this release. If you want to make the most out of this blog, I would encourage you to refer this practical guide to get the complete know-how of the configuration center

Before delving into further discussion, would like to confirm that deprecation of MDF objects in Instance-sync postponed to next release 2H 2023

Expansion of Configuration Groups:

Career development and parts of calibration got included in configuration groups

Transport Option for MDF Object Instances:

  • Now, its possible to include object instances in the transport bundle from Manage data

  • As of now all the MDF foundational objects are supported, SAP would gradually expand the supported pre-delivered MDF objects

  • For custom objects, only objects that belong to the object categories, Configuration and Non-user transactional are supported

  • So basically, custom objects which have the UI configuration are not possible to be included as they fall into user transactional

Enhancements to Bundle Management:

  • Now, configuration bundle can be created directly from the bundle management tab of CC

  • You can directly initiate the transport request from bundle management unlike before where you need to go to ‘”Configuration Activities” tab

  • The “Edit” option in the actions menu of the configuration bundle is replaced with “View” option

  • So, you no longer can see “Save and Initiate Transport” and “Create New Bundle” buttons in configuration activities tab

  • In the “View” view, you can select the configurations to delete them from the bundle, initiate a transport request or edit the request id and description.

  • Once you select the configurations in the “Configuration Activities” tab, you can either add them to the existing bundle or to the new bundle. This is really helpful functionality as earlier you were forced to create the new bundle even if you have an existing one to be used

That’s the end of it. We’ll touch base on this topic in the next release when more features are included in CC.


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