Release Highlights of Comp & Variable Pay - 1H 2023

In this blog, I am going to consider 5 features which I found interesting and provide answers to a couple of questions for the concerned 5 features. We’ll explore how each feature adds value along with drawing parallel between similar features within the suite to understand how they are different from or similar to the existing ones, if there are any.

1.Export Template History

 Why it makes it better
  • Each change you make to the template either from instance or provisioning creates a new version of a template. It allows you to keep track of each change and revert to the previous version if new changes don’t work for any reason.

  • Earlier it was only possible for succession and corporate data models, the same has been expanded to the comp & VP templates. Lastly, it’s retroactive that allows you to see the changes which have already been made right from creation of template.

  How to enable this

 Enable the following admin permission for the concerned roles

2.Planner Audit Feature

 Why it makes it better
  • There is already a compensation plan activity feature which is used by comp admins to audit the worksheet data updates.

  • Apart from being admin specific, it takes around 72 hrs. for the changes to be updated in the audit report, so if you want to track who has updated the worksheet today, you need to wait for 2 to 3 days for that to be reflected in the report.

  • It address both the issues, planner can access it right from his inbox and it captures updates in near “Real-time”

  How to enable this

 Enable the audit settings

Mark the required fields as auditable

Do remember, you can make 10 fields auditable at max. This limit should meet the requirement in most of the cases

3. Comp & VarPay Specific Rule Scenario:

 Why it makes it better
  • You don’t need to choose the rule type any more

  • Base objects and supported functions are restricted to the possible list

“Then” section of business rule became informative rather blank

How to enable this

Available by default if you have access to configure business rules

4. Filter on Route Steps for Comp & VarPay Worksheets:

Why it makes it better
  • When you have hundreds of worksheets, the possibility of filtering out based on their current route step can save time.

  • It’s the area where we might see considerable changes in future releases including the possibility to filter based on the fields of worksheets etc. 

How to enable this

Available by default if you have access to route form

5. User search for HR Reports & Matrix Reports:

Why it makes it better
  • If you want to know the HR reports or matrix reports of the concerned individuals, there was no possibility of that in advanced executive review filters which was possible with legacy filters.

  • Now, you can do that with advanced filters allowing you to troubleshoot line of sight issues more easily

How to enable this

Advanced executive review filters are the default filters from this release, so you don’t need to do anything for this

With that we came to the end, please feel free to share with your friends or colleagues who might find it helpful


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