Proactive Measures to Prevent Editing Without RBP

In this blog post, we will delve into a specific scenario that highlights the challenge of granting users access to create records while simultaneously preventing them from editing those records. In this particular situation traditional role-based permissions (RBP) fall short in addressing this need.

Typically, when users are granted permission to create records, it inherently includes the ability to edit them as well. However, there are cases where organizations require a more granular level of control over record modifications, especially when the data serves as a crucial source for external systems.

To meet this need, a more controlled solution is necessary to avoid users with the creation privileges altering the data. This level of control is crucial to maintain the integrity and reliability of the data used across the system landscape.

Boolean Field in MDF Object:

Create a field with data type Boolean in the concerned MDF object which will be used to know if the record is already created or not. its default value is “No”.

Business Rule to Update Boolean Field:

Create a rule to set the Boolean field value to “Yes” when a record gets saved. Assign this to the concerned object in Save Rules.

Business Rule to Avoid Editing:

This rule checks the Boolean field value and triggers an error while editing the fields. This rule should be assigned as on change type to the concerned fields of the object

System would throw the following error when the concerned user tries to edit the data

Overall, it’s a simple and effective solution when you need more controlled permissions than being offered by RBP.


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