Long Awaited Transformation for Your Credentials

Not a long time ago, somewhere in a not so remote area, there were two friends who used to be close, play together and share ideas. But one day, due to reasons unknown, a fight broke out between two and decided to go ahead on their separate paths. Before turning back on each other, they agreed on one thing, which is to meet someday to prove who has a better life. 

But that's not the reason stopping IC from being happy.  He started getting restless as the time was nearing to meet his friend who is doing way better than him. Eventually, he backpacks and went on to explore the solution for his misery and after traveling the length and breadth of Europe, he came across Baba Vanga’s predictions and accepted his fate with mixed emotions, counting the days for 2024. 

As IC is awaiting on prediction to be true with bated breath since the arrival of 2024, SAP has published its revamped certification program a few days ago. 

Though there is no change introduced with regards to certification hub as a part of transformation but considerable changes introduced for learning hub. 

As you know, we need certification hub access to give certification exams and learning hub access to clear delta exams to keep those certifications active. Until 2024, one of the major concerns for IC is the cost incurred to give the certification exams and keep them active as they are valid only for 90 days from the latest release. 

Learning hub cost before transformation:

Learning hub cost after transformation:

As you can see, there is more than 50% reduction in the procurement cost of LH subscription. Apart from this huge benefit, there are a couple of more benefits introduced as a part of the transformation program. 

  • You can now avail 4 certification exams with LH subscription 

  • The validity of certifications increased to one year from your assessment completion date. So the reference point has been changed, earlier validity used to be decided based on the release date but now it's based on your completion date. 

Though these changes are not specific to IC, it has created some level playing field which was lacking before. But still there is room for improvement if you compare with industry standards

  • AWS certifications valid for three years and 50% off on renewal 

  • Google cloud certifications valid for two years and 50% off on renewal 

  • Microsoft Azure certifications valid one year but free for renewal 


Certification hub seems to be redundant after these changes and can be availed by the consultants who want to complete more than 4 certifications in one go which is a rare use case. SAP may decide its fate based on its future usage. 

Let me know your thoughts until the IC friend comes back after meeting his PE friend to start his career with renewed energy!

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